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The following are various miscellaneous (mostly music-related) links (in no particular order):

The official site for one of my favorite bands.

PhotoGraphics By Kelpie
The official site for my photographic work and my graphic design space.

James Lee Stanley
The home page for a great entertainer! Check out his songs and cds.
Especially his 2007-release cd, The Eternal Contradiction, which is excellent.
Also check out his recent cd with John Batdorf,
All Wood And Stones.
And James' contribution to songwriters, Datamusicata.com Journal.

John Batdorf
The home page for another excellent musician. And the second half of the All Wood And Stones duo.
I also highly recommend John's 2007-release cd, Home Again
as well as 2008's Batdorf and Rodney: Still Burnin'.

Sugarloaf (the band) Official Site
Old band, new band member who's a long-time favorite of mine - Omar Martinez.
I hope to catch Sugarloaf in concert soon!

Smits' Stuff
The crazy and creative world of my friend Smittygirl.
Check out her blog and her Etsy shop.

Vivian Campbell - Official Site
Guitarist for Def Leppard, but a great singer in his own right.
Check out his solo blues cd, Two Sides Of If.

The official site for another band I've been privileged to see, enjoy and take pictures of. Firefall is actually a Colorado-based band, and having seen them three times in the past few years, with more planned, I can say that the music is great and the musicians are very nice people. Check them out!
Also check out the new cd by Acoustic Firefall, Colorado to Liverpool: A Tribute to the Beatles, released summer 2007.

The official site for a founding and current member of Firefall, who has some nice solo work and some great artwork.

The Official Iron Maiden Website
The official site for another band I've been privileged to see, enjoy and take pictures of. Here are my pictures from the first of their concerts that I saw, August 2005.

Official Helloween Website
Home page for a metal band that I'm hoping to see some day (if they would ever come to Colorado...)

Peter Noone
The Artist Formerly Known as Herman has a fascinating site!
Be sure to check out his weblog, his chat
and his message board forums.

Chrissy's Concert Photos
Concert photos of a friend of mine.

The official site for another of the Def-Leppard-related bands that I like.
Their first full-length cd, Surreal, got good reviews and I recommend it.

Steele Diamond Louis & Hall
The official site for a local Colorado Springs band that I've enjoyed several times.
(See here for 02/01/2008, here for 03/08/2008, and here for 09/12/08.)

Official Journey Website
Another band I have a fondness for and have been able to see quite a few times. Here (June 24, 2004) and here (December 8, 2005) are my posted pictures from Journey concerts.

Sam Moore
Although currently without an official site, Sam Moore, the "Soul Man", formerly of Sam and Dave, now a solo artist. His new cd Overnight Sensational is a fabulous collection of great songs and wonderful guest artists. I highly recommend the cd, and I'm hoping to see Sam when he tours!

The Martini Shot
A local Colorado Springs ska-influenced band with fun original music and good covers. Check out their 2008 cd, Shakin' AND Stirred, at CD Baby.com.
Here's B Street Bash 06/24/2005 pictures, B Street Bash 06/09/2006 pictures, Festival Friday 01/26/2007 pictures,
Southside Johnny's 06/24/2007
pictures, and last but not least, B Street Bash 06/29/2007 pictures...

The Official GammaRay Website
The official site for another band I'd like to see.

The official online home for Styx.
See my Styx pictures here, from 10/03/2005.
I saw Styx again, live, with Def Leppard, in the summer of 2007, and took a lot of pictures, but no pages up yet.
It would have been nice to see them again on the first leg of Def Leppard's 2008 Sparkle Lounge Tour... if Joe Elliott hadn't gotten sick.

The Back East Bar & Grill
One of my local hangouts here in Colorado Springs.
Great food, excellent service and wonderful live music to boot!

Righteous Brothers Official Web Site
Home page for a great duo, Bill Medley and the late Bobby Hatfield.
See also Bill Medley, where Bill continues the legacy.
My pictures from the Bill Medley shows I've seen are here (11/19/2004) and here (11/20/2004).

Two-Bit Eddie
A great Nashville cover band that I have enjoyed and I am hoping to see live again soon.

The Official Website of James Hurley
The official site for an enjoyable singer, who I hope to see in concert again soon, via webcast if nothing else.

The Fabulous Chancellors
I've seen them perform several times and would love to see them again!

Andy Williams' Moon River Theatre in Branson, Missouri.

The Official Ricky Warwick website
The official site for a very enjoyable singer, whom I hope to see in concert again soon.

REO Speedwagon
The official site for a band I've loved for years, and have had the privilege of seeing live a number of times.
See the REO pics I have posted, here, from 10/03/2005.

Entertainment Consumer's Exchange
Friends of the fans that support excellence in consumer entertainment.

Ron Fowler's Lonely Summer
Web page for Ron Fowler, Seattle musician and music fan.
Check out his pages and message boards.

Lyrics of the Green Pajamas
The lyrics site for this Pacific Northwest band.
Interesting music and I hope to catch them live next time I travel to the Northwest.

Arnie Reed
Arnie is a musician in Nashville and a great husband, father and grandfather... (married to a friend of mine). I hope to see him perform live again soon!

Chuck Negron
Chuck's official website. Check out the guest book!

Billy Ray Cyrus Official Website
I have some friends who are BRC fans.
Having seen and heard him in DC in 2003, I can see and hear why!

The Last Band On Earth
Another excellent local Colorado Springs band that I have had the privilege of seeing perform!

Ric Taylor
I have seen Ric Taylor perform several times at Kulak's Woodshed on streaming video on the internet. He's well worth a look-see!

The Crosby Stills and Nash Official Site
Fabulous in concert at Red Rocks in September 2004. (See my CSN concert page, here.)
I love the Crosby*Nash double cd which came out summer 2004!

Suburban Legends
A great ska band. Check out their Rump Shaker cd and their Suburban Legends Season One dvd.

Website of a friend, filled with puppet and comic goodness. I highly recommend a visit!
And to purchase some of Liz's handmade puppets, visit her Etsy.com page Puppatoons at Etsy.

Down From Above
Website for a soon-to-be-published novel which I've had the privilege of having a sneak peek at. Action, Romance and Mystery in a compelling story. I highly recommend it!

Kulak's Woodshed
An excellent "eye" on the independent music scene in Southern California.
Kulak's broadcasts free streaming video over the internet on performance nights.
Mondays are open mic nights.
Performance time is generally 8:00 pm - 10:00 pm Pacific Time.

Band Fiction that Rocks.

Kelpie's MySpace page
My personal MySpace page. I have lots of friends!

PhotoGraphics by Kelpie's MySpace page
My business MySpace page. If you're on MySpace, please friend me!

CareGiver Care
A website providing care and tips for CareGivers.
I highly recommend this website to all people who are caregivers.

Items on the other linked websites may not reflect the views of the owner of this website.
To the best of my knowledge the linked websites are suitable for everyone to view. However (disclaimer) I bear no responsibility for, and can make no absolute guarantee of, the content of websites linked here.

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