Potpourri of Pictures
from the last six months or so
posted June 2008

This variety show starts with snow and dogs,
ends with a dog,
with flowers, music, cats, friends and a trip to Canada
and grilled vegetables in between

These pictures were taken between December 2007 and June 2008 in the above-mentioned locations in and around Colorado Springs, Ottawa and Winnipeg Canada, and Falcon Colorado.

Apologies to dialup users, there's a lot of pictures on this page.

Colorado Springs, Colorado
Snow and Dogs

A gorgeous pine tree, backed by my house, in the snow

Boomer in the snow

Tucker prefers the warmth of inside when it's snowy out

Adorable Tessa at the end of January

Valentine's Day Floral Arrangement :)

And Colorado product gift baskets!

Music! Steele Daniels Louis and Hall at the Navajo Hogan, end of March

(Though the pic is of, L-R, Hall, Louis, Steele and Daniels)

Boomer in early April

Friends, in a museum in Canada in April

Yes, the train was inside the museum! The Bratbear modeling on the train

The museum had cars too!
Hello Kitty, the Bratbear and a friend


The provincial capitol building (or something along those lines) in Winnipeg

Inside the MTS Centre in Winnipeg... where we did NOT see Def Leppard. :(


Back in Colorado Springs, a test run of a new grill

Flora and fauna
(OK... just flora... )

The moon, beautifully framed

And ending with a June dog, Pita

Thanks for visiting my Potpourri Photo Gallery posted June 2008!
I hope you enjoyed the pictures.

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