Miscellaneous Pictures
from September 2007

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These pictures were taken in September 2007 in locations in and around Asheville, North Carolina

Apologies to dialup users, there's a lot of pictures on this page.

Western North Carolina is more mountainous than I would have thought.
I took a break from the drive to view the scenery

The leaves were just starting to turn

Little yellow and white flowers
I'm *not* a botanist!

Photographs from Asheville proper

Downtown flower baskets

View of an Asheville structure

(I took the above picture because in 2005 I took the picture below...

Changing the subject, and back in Colorado Springs

Coaches and executives with the World Championships Trophy won the week prior to the picture

And pictures of different bands from a memorial benefit concert on September 30 at the Navajo Hogan, for the late Mike Pittman

Tom of the Working Stiffs on the Hammond

Zach and Sean of The Wheel

Sean Of The Guitar ;)

The bass player for the Jake Loggins Band at the benefit

Rikki Dee Hall of The VooDoo Hawks

And finally, The VooDoo Hawks: Rikki Dee, Mike, Kent, Chris

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