Miscellaneous Pictures
from September 2007

The month started with music and ended with music,
with a trip to Georgia and North Carolina in between

These pictures were taken through the month of September 2007 in the above-mentioned locations in and around Colorado Springs, Englewood, Dahlonega Georgia, and Asheville North Carolina.

Apologies to dialup users, there's a lot of pictures on this page.

Engelwood, Colorado
Def Leppard in concert at Coors Amphitheatre

Phil (back to camera), Vivian, Sav (looking down), Joe (obscured)

Acknowledging the crowd at the end of the concert

Dahlonega, Georgia, and time with friends :)


Belle and Polly

The Public Square

There were little shops all around the square

The Humble Candle shop

Inside The Humble Candle

Of course I bought candles and stuff!

The Humble Candle building was once the local bank
(and the vault contains the original 1910 safe as proof)

Belle, again

Polly and Belle with the Bratbear

Belle and Polly, always watching mom

Polly and Belle looking out the window

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