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from May 2007

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These pictures were taken Memorial Day weekend, May 2007 in locations in and around Colorado Springs.

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At Garden of the Gods Park.

People were *climbing* this rock!

Another of the dramatic rock formations in Garden of the Gods.

Little yellow flowering bush.
What did I say about *not* being a botanist? ;)

Top right plant is a yucca. I'm not sure about the other.

Balanced Rock.


Royal Gorge, and the Royal Gorge Bridge.

The Arkansas River, and some of the higher class rapids that make the river so good for rafting.

Cacti on the river's edge.

Walkway to a vantage point at the edge of the river.
This is from where some of the "official" rafting pictures are taken.

A dog chilling out with his owner at the river's edge.

Mountains near Buena Vista.

Pictures taken from the Wilkerson Pass/South Park Visitors Center. This is the west-facing side (back side) of Pikes Peak; looking east from Wilkerson Pass.

Looking west from Wilkerson Pass.

The following pictures were taken at the Wilkerson Pass Visitors Center. It is a very good place for birdwatching. These are ruby-throated hummingbirds.

A mountain bluebird, IIRC.

And finally, a mountainside view down into Cripple Creek.

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