Miscellaneous Pictures
from May 2007
Colorado Springs, and my neighborhood,
Garden of the Gods Park,
Royal Gorge,
Western Slope and Arkansas River,
and Cripple Creek

These pictures were taken through the month of May 2007 in the above-mentioned locations in and around Colorado Springs.

Apologies to dialup users, there's a lot of pictures on this page.

Around Colorado Springs.

I love the green of spring leaves.

Pine needles, backed by the mountains.

View of Pikes Peak and surrounding peaks.

Leaf against partly cloudy sky.

Leaves. (Maple, I believe.)

Pikes Peak, again.
This is the time of year in Colorado where the clouds come over the mountains nearly every afternoon and what had been a beautiful day can become a sudden downpour.

Spring green and growing things.

Budding lilac, from my neighborhood.

The common taraxacum. ;)

Another flower.
Not being a good botanist, nor a student of the flora and fauna of my home region, I've no idea what kind of plant this is.

Because of my work schedule and the afternoon rains, I was unable to find an opportunity to mow my lawn during May. That resulted in this jungle that I call my back yard. :)

Tucker surveying the not-so-frozen tundra.

Tucker, before the grass got higher than his head.

My neighborhood. White flocks and purple lilacs together.

I believe these are cherry blossoms, taken against a bright blue Sunday early morning sky.

The following pictures were taken on Memorial Day weekend. It probably says horrible things about me that I seldom get out to the local natural beauties unless I have visitors. I very much enjoyed showing off the mountains and the Garden of the Gods to my visitors. :)

View of Pikes Peak from the Garden of the Gods Visitors Center.

Kissing Camels rock formation in the Garden of the Gods.

I am not sure what kind of flowers these are.

Another view of Pikes Peak from the Garden of the Gods. Note how quickly the clouds can move in and cover the mountain.

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