Miscellaneous Pictures
from December 2006
Various Nature Scenes
and the "kids"

Apologies to dialup users, there's a lot of pictures on this page.

The "kids", my Boston Terrors Terriers in the backyard of my home.

Boomer and Tucker

"Mom, can't we go in now? Our feet are cold..."


Tucker really doesn't like to get his feet wet.


Tucker, either being silly or scratching his back ;)

It was sunny on this day, and it had snowed and frozen the day and night before. There was a beautiful hoarfrost with frozen snowflakes on all the trees. And the snow on the ground was sparkling in the sunshine. I was trying to capture the beauty and crispness of the day.

Pine Trees and Pikes Peak

Hoarfrost and frozen snow on an evergreen

Pikes Peak
I am so lucky to live amidst such scenery!

Hoarfrost and frozen snow on a non-evergreen

Trying for a hoarfrost mosaic

Evergreens and mountains and blue sky

Closeup of hoarfrost, backed by mountains

Hoarfrost and snow

Hoarfrost, frozen snow and evergreen

Snow :)


Decorated Evergreen at Night :)

And, since I got silly creative:

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