Miscellaneous Pictures
from May 2006
My Neighborhood

Apologies to dialup users, there's a lot of pictures on this page.

The "kids", my Boston Terrors Terriers in the backyard of my home.

This is Tucker.

This is Boomer, near the back fence.

Tucker by the fence.


The neighbor's lilac tree.
I love lilacs, they smell so good when they bloom.

Lilac and, um, a white flower.
Apparently my biology knowledge is as rusty (or nonexistent) as my geography...

The back of my house, with part of the backyard.

From the front of my house, the view up the hill (to the west).

And down the hill, to the east.

Down a street in my neighborhood. This is looking north.

You can see the acres of suburbia, with all the houses in the background.

The neighborhood park, about four blocks from my house. This is one of the bigger parks in Colorado Springs. There are lots of soccer fields, baseball diamonds, playground equipment, tennis courts, basketball courts, a skating rink, and an indoor swimming pool, as well as a walking track and frisbee golf course at this park.

The walking track. (And yep, rain in the distance.)

Tiny ones playing soccer on one of the fields.

Lots of soccer players. This is facing west.

The playground.
We didn't have swingsets and jungle gyms like this when *I* was a kid!

A main street in my neighborhood.

Farther along that street.

The local branch of the Pikes Peak Public Library. I'm fortunate in that it is one of the two main branches of the PPPL. It's about a mile from my house. Thanks to the internet, I don't get to the library as often as I should. ;)

The back of the library. The reading room has a wonderful view of the Peak.

The park behind the library, and part of the view.

View from a hill a little farther from my house. This is facing south. The soccer fields at the park are in the center of the picture. My house is somewhere in the upper right part of the picture.

Looking southwest from the hill vantage point.

The view from my bedroom window, which faces the front of the house. This is looking northeast.

Looking northwest from my bedroom window. The mountains are visible, if just barely.

Boomer and Tucker on the window seat of my bedroom window. They enjoy sitting there and looking out (and going crazy and barking if another dog passes by.)

And this was just a giggle inducer, which may be totally incomprehensible if you're not a Def Leppard fan. This house in my neighborhood has been for sale for several weeks. But I didn't know that the Thundergod was into real estate... ::grin::

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