Miscellaneous Pictures
from April 2006
Red Rocks Canyon
and Colorado Springs

These pictures were taken on Easter Sunday, April 16, 2006, when I went hiking in Red Rocks Canyon, just outside of Colorado Springs, and on the following Saturday, April 22, 2006, just around town here.

Apologies to dialup users, there's a lot of pictures on this page.

Red Rocks Canyon: It was a gorgeous day and I'm actually happy with most of these pictures. And I even got a good picture of Pikes Peak to make into an icon ::points to icon above:: I even took some of the Bratbear, which will (eventually) make it onto the Bratbear's Page.

Red Rocks. Similar formations to Garden of the Gods. This park is sometimes called "Garden of the Goddesses".

Yes, this is Pikes Peak. Named after explorer Zebulon Pike, who actually did not make it to the top of the mountain. Somewhere along the way, the possessive apostrophe was lost. Pikes Peak is in several of the other pictures... but unless you're at a very good angle, as I was here, the snow-covered peak blends into the sky and you can barely see it. We probably hiked a couple of miles that day, the angle *did* actually change that much.

Staircase along the path.

Red Rocks, again.

The Bratbear.
Pikes Peak is directly to the right of his pink ribbon, behind the shoulder of the darker mountain. See how it blends in?

Again, Pikes Peak in the distance, if you can spot it.

There was an area that had been a quarry, previously. It had some very dramatic angles and vistas.

Signs of life in cacti? It was still pretty early in the spring and there had been very little rainfall or snowfall moisture. Everything was pretty dry, but the cacti was thriving. I was glad I was not hiking in sandals. ;)

Those are the end of the Easter Red Rocks Canyon pictures. The remainder are from the following Saturday, April 22nd, just around Colorado Springs. I was looking for some mountain views to show off (and succeeded I think) and also saw a gorgeous tree in blossom. Possibly cherry, but I'm not sure. Ten days later, the tree looked totally different (and definitely not worthy of a picture being taken of it.)

This is the view I get every morning when I drive to work. I love it. It's one of the reasons I moved to Colorado Springs. :)

And this was just a random photographic experiment. I like it though... and yes, those *are* mountains in the background.

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