The Bootlegger Bistro
Las Vegas, Nevada

Saturday, November 20, 2004

On this Saturday evening, after I saw Bill Medley's show at the Orleans, through the kindness of a friend (Thanks Zee!) I was able to attend the "Off The Cuff" entertainment at Bootlegger Bistro in Las Vegas.

The Bootlegger Bistro Las Vegas

On "Off The Cuff" night, those entertainers who happen to have chosen to eat at Bootlegger Bistro are requested to perform a few numbers for the patrons. I got to see (and take pictures of) several people who are entertainers in Las Vegas and some who are also well known elsewhere.

I've tried to identify the people as they were introduced at Bootlegger Bistro. Where possible, I've included a link to the performer's website, or a website with more information about the performer. I saw some great performances. This was more a throwback to the earlier days of Vegas, or such was my impression.
Deepest apologies if I've misspelled any names. Please contact me at kelpie@kelpierocks.com and let me know of any corrections...

Here's the rogue's gallery... so to speak ::grin::

Emcee Sonny King with singer Lorraine Hunt

The best web site I could find for Sonny King.
Lorraine Hunt, besides being an entertainer and the daughter of the founders of the Bootlegger Bistro, was also the lieutenant governor of Nevada from 1999 to 2007.

Las Vegas entertainer and radio and tv personality Dennis Bono

Dennis Bono - the official site of Dennis Bono on the World Wide Web.
Dennis Bono was a protege of Frank Sinatra's.

Dennis Bono and Lorraine Hunt

Pianist Wes Winters

Wes performs at the Liberace Tribute Show, among other places. The Wes Winters web site.

Wes Winters and Sonny King

Singer/Actress Kristin Chenoweth

Kristin Chenoweth Online.
The website details the accomplishments of this star of stage and screen, Tony Award winner, and "West Wing" actress (she plays White House media consultant Annabeth Schott.) Kristin also starred as Marian Paroo in the Spring 2004 ABC-TV version of Meredith Willson's The Music Man with Matthew Broderick. She sang one of the songs from that show at Bootleggers this evening.

Singer Bobby Rose

Singer Darin Ames

The Darin Ames Virtual Venue.
Darin's website is very interesting and displays his tongue-in-cheek sense of humor, which was not so evident in his live performance at Bootleggers.

Entertainer Nelson Chardon with Sonny King

Could not find a website. May have name wrong... sorry.
A great entertainer, singer and comedian, in the old style...

Entertainer Nelson Chardon

Singer Frankie Scinta

Frankie Scinta - The Scintas

Frankie Scinta with Sonny King

I had a great time at the Bootlegger Bistro. I enjoyed the entertainers enough to be seriously thinking about acquiring some CDs of their work (of those that I was able to find information on their recordings, anyway.) Including Dennis Bono, Wes Winters, and Kristin Chenoweth. Check out their websites for more information... you can hear them without even making the trip to Las Vegas!

Another good resource for information about these and other Las Vegas entertainers is performing entertainers from las vegas. Thanks for the link, Zee!

My hostess for this evening is one of the founding members and guiding lights of the Entertainment Consumers Exchange, Inc. The organization's website details some of their activities, including the Excellence in Consumer's Entertainment Awards.

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If you'd like to see the pictures from the Bill Medley show that I saw prior to heading to the Bootlegger Bistro, go here.


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