Def Leppard
Budweiser Events Center
Loveland, Colorado

Tuesday, October 17, 2006

Def Leppard:
Rick Allen, drums
Vivian Campbell, guitar and vocals
Phil Collen, guitar and vocals
Joe Elliott, lead vocals
Rick "Sav" Savage, bass and vocals
yes, we all know who they are, but I need to keep my pages consistent, don't I? ;)

Our seats in Loveland were fantastic! Second row, right in front of Vivian. Of course, we nearly didn't make it to Loveland at all, thanks to a very early season blizzard. As we sat unmoving for an hour on Monument Hill, my hopes of this last 2006 LeppTrek show were fading fast. But eventually the traffic moved again, and since the road was, surprisingly, improving the further north we went, we did keep on going. We walked into the Budweiser Events Center at 9:30, wended our way to our fabulous (thanks, fan club presale) seats, and We Will Rock You started to play. Whew! I didn't have a chance really to take a picture from our seats, but they were very good indeed.

Def Leppard opened the show with Hellraiser, which apparently they've only done one other time (and I witnessed that time too, in Detroit on July 24th!)

Vivian during Hellraiser

They also performed Let's Get Rocked. For some reason, I have no pictures that turned out from that song.

Sav singing and playing on Foolin'

Vivian, Foolin'

Joe singing Foolin'
Some of the lighting was a little extreme. I tried to edit as much as I could to avoid pictures
looking like the Blue Man Group, but sometimes there's just nothing to be done.

Vivian closeup during Foolin'

Joe singing Make Love Like A Man

Vivian, during Make Love Like A Man

Joe greeting the Loveland crowd as Sav watches

Vivian and Phil, Hysteria

Vivian, during Hysteria

Besides Hellraiser, Def Leppard played two other songs off of the Yeah! cd.

Vivian beginning 20th Century Boy

20th Century Boy

Sav's bass solo

Vivian, during Rock On

Phil, with Joe in the background, during Rocket

Phil, Union Jack flowing from his guitar

Vivian, during Rocket

Vivian, fancy fingerwork on Rocket

Phil's back, and Sav, Rocket

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