Def Leppard
Verizon Wireless Music Center
Noblesville, Indiana

Saturday, July 22, 2006

Def Leppard:
Rick Allen, drums
Vivian Campbell, guitar and vocals
Phil Collen, guitar and vocals
Joe Elliott, lead vocals
Rick "Sav" Savage, bass and vocals
yes, we all know who they are, but I need to keep my pages consistent, don't I? ;)

Our seats in Indianapolis were not too bad. They were fairly close, if way over to the side on Phil's side of the stage:

Phil appearing out of the darkness at the beginning of Let's Get Rocked

Rick drumming on Let's Get Rocked

Joe winding up the crowd as the set begins

Sav at the top of the stage set for Let's Get Rocked

Phil and Rick during Let's Get Rocked

Sav doing Let It Go

Vivian, during Let It Go

A different edit of the Vivian picture

Vivian and Sav, Promises


Joe and Phil during Promises

During Hysteria. Vivian had this little move where he'd bound up the stairs to Rick's drum riser and then circle around him while playing. It made *me* dizzy. ;)

Sav on Hysteria

Joe ;)

(more pictures to come hopefully soon!)

Def Leppard played from 9:48 PM EDT to 11:15 PM EDT including their encore songs.

Here's a setlist:
Let's Get Rocked
Let It Go
Bringing On The Heartbreak
No Matter What
[Sav's bass solo]
Rock On
Armageddon It
Rock Of Ages

Love Bites
Pour Some Sugar On Me

For more information on Def Leppard,
go to their official website.
I'm looking forward to seeing more of Def Leppard's "Yeah!" tour!

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