Images from the New Year's Eve concert
Suncoast Hotel and Casino showroom
Las Vegas, Nevada

Friday, December 31, 2004

On this memorable New Year's Eve, Paul Revere and the Raiders (with special guest McKenna Medley) were performing. There is always something special about a concert on New Year's Eve. The showroom was nicely appointed, not too big but plenty big enough for a lot of Paul Revere and the Raiders fans. I believe the concert that night was sold out.

The Raiders:
Paul Revere, bandleader and keyboards
Omar Martinez, drums and lead vocals
Doug Heath, lead guitar
Ron Foos, bass guitar
Danny Krause, keyboards and vocals
Matt Fasekas, drums
Darrin Medley, lead vocals and drums

Ron, during "Just Like Me".

The Raiders then played "Steppin' Out", "Steppin' Stone", and "Where The Action Is". They went into the 1st Raider Medley, which included "Great Airplane Strike" and "Birds Of A Feather" (with Danny on lead vocals.)
I'm not sure why none of my pictures from these songs turned out good.

Darrin, with Paul observing, during "Him or Me", the end song of the 1st Raider Medley.

Darrin singing "Him or Me".

Paul, making his way back to Danny's piano while the band plays the "Theme from Peter Gunn".

Paul playing "Like Long Hair".

Paul, "Let me hear the ending one more time!"

Paul introducing a song for the old folks in the audience.

The Raiders then performed "Good Thing".

Paul says he's known Darrin since he was a little bitty boy, and isn't he cute? ;).

At this point, McKenna Medley joined the Raiders on stage as Paul left (to sample the buffet, he said).
McKenna debuted to "All My Rowdy Friends Are Coming Over Tonight".
She then sang "Trouble".

McKenna singing "You Don't Know Me", in tribute to Ray Charles.

McKenna, "You Don't Know Me".

Darrin and McKenna, singing the Everly Brothers hit "Let It Be Me".

"Cowboy Sweetheart" was also part of McKenna's setlist.

A Doug solo moment at the beginning of "Unbreak My Heart".

McKenna performing "Unbreak My Heart".

She also performed "Livin' In The USA".
Paul returned to the stage and thanked McKenna for her set.
After inviting applause from the audience, Paul escorted McKenna from the stage.

Paul, back on duty and introducing the next song.

Darrin singing "Kicks".

Omar drumming on "Kicks".

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