James Lee Stanley
Kulak's Woodshed
North Hollywood, California
October 23, 2004
Live Webcast

A few pictures taken from a live webcast
of James Lee Stanley, with John Batdorf
from Kulak's Woodshed
on October 23, 2004.

I'm attempting to use a slideshow format to display these pictures.

If you wish to view these pictures in a non-slideshow format, or if the slideshow is not working for you, please go here.

The pictures are a little blurry and there are some glare issues but it was the best that I could do from the webcast. And yes, I don't want to hear about what that makes me, that I took pictures of a webcast, thank you very much...

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"Political Party"

slideshow image
"Stolen Season"

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"Stolen Season"

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"Stolen Season"

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"Somewhere In Between" (I think)

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"Last Time"

slideshow image
"Last Time" John Batdorf and James Lee Stanley

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James Lee Stanley - freelance human being.
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All Wood And Stones
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