Styx &
REO Speedwagon
World Arena
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Monday, October 3, 2005

REO Speedwagon:
Dave Amato, lead guitar/vocals
Kevin Cronin, lead vocals/rhythm guitar
Neal Doughty, keyboards
Bruce Hall, bass guitar/vocals
Bryan Hitt, drums/percussion

REO Speedwagon and Styx appeared at the Colorado Springs World Arena on Monday, October 3, 2005. I was privileged to attend and took a few pictures. I'm not sure why it took me this long to get a page up since the pictures have been edited and ready for a long time.

REO Speedwagon performed first.

Bruce Hall and Dave Amato, with Neal Doughty looking on

Kevin Cronin in front of Bruce Hall,
an unusual angle on guitarists

Kevin Cronin, ever the showman

Guitarist lineup: Bruce Hall, Kevin Cronin, Dave Amato

Bryan Hitt, tossing drumsticks to the crowd after REO's set

Styx was up next.

Lawrence Gowan, vocals/keyboards
Ricky Phillips, bass guitar/vocals
Tommy Shaw, vocals/guitar
Todd Sucherman, drums/vocals
James Young, guitar/vocals

An impressive entrance through the smoke
Lawrence Gowan, Ricky Phillips, James Young, Tommy Shaw, Todd Sucherman

Ricky Phillips

a lineup: Larry, Todd, Ricky, JY, Tommy

Tommy Shaw

Larry and Tommy sharing the mic

Ricky Phillips staying out of the spotlight

JY, Tommy and Ricky as the confetti flies and Todd looks on

Larry Gowan confetti-ized

To learn more about REO Speedwagon, click here. Check out their new CD, Find Your Own Way Home, released April 2007.

To learn more about Styx, click here.

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