Michael Johnson
Natrona County High School
Casper, Wyoming
September 15, 2004
Benefit for Mills Volunteer Fire Department

A few pictures taken when Michael Johnson opened for
Paul Revere and the Raiders on September 15, 2004.

Michael singing Bristlecone Pine.

Michael's hands on his guitar as he plays Rollercoaster Run.

Above and below during You Make Me Feel So So.

It was a fun night and Michael did a great show.
Thank you, Michael!

Here's a setlist. Some great songs, if only a partial representation of his extensive body of work.

Bristlecone Pine
Bluer than Blue
Rollercoaster Run
You Make Me Feel So So
Dirty Hands, Dirty Faces
Cain's Blood

After his portion of the show, Michael signed autographs while the stage was being changed over for Paul Revere and the Raiders.

Though I went to Casper in order to attend the Paul Revere and the Raiders show, I was very glad that I was able to see Michael's performance as well. Having browsed his website (enjoying his articles posted there for their authentic voice of the singer/songwriter), seen his web community on his guest book and message board, and listened to his live cd (LIVE at the Bluebird Cafe) I will definitely be keeping an eye and an ear out for more opportunities to see Michael Johnson.

To find out more about Michael Johnson, visit his website at
Michael Johnson: Singer, Recording Artist.

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