Crosby Stills Nash

Performance at Red Rocks Amphitheater
Morrison, Colorado

September 2, 2004

All pictures and text 2004 by Kelpie

I went to Red Rocks for the first time on Thursday, September 2 to see Crosby, Stills and Nash in concert. It was an incredible venue for an incredible concert. I'm so glad I was able to go!

Pictures are shown here, and the review of the concert is linked below the pictures.

Here are a few pictures from the concert:

Stephen Stills, during 49 Bye Byes

Jeff Pevar, jamming, also during 49 Bye Byes

Graham Nash, playing a tambourine with a drumstick
on the new Crosby/Nash song They Want It All

Yes...his tshirt says "Somewhere in Texas a village is missing its idiot"...

Stephen Stills on guitar, Jeff Pevar on lap guitar, also on
They Want It All

Graham Nash, David Santos, David Crosby, James Raymond
performing Luck Dragon, also from Crosby/Nash.

Jeff Pevar, Stephen Stills, Joe Vitale, Graham Nash, David Santos
Deja Vu

Stephen Stills, backed by Jeff Pevar
Love the One You're With

Stephen Stills, Jeff Pevar and Graham Nash, jamming,
backed by Joe Vitale on the drums, during
Love the One You're With, just before intermission

Returning from intermission:

David Crosby on acoustic guitar on Southern Cross
with his son James Raymond on keyboards behind him

Stephen Stills, Jeff Pevar, Graham Nash
also on Southern Cross

Joe Vitale on drums during Anywhere Around Us

Graham Nash and David Crosby,
Don't Dig Here, from the new Crosby/Nash cd

about Yucca Mountain in Nevada, written by James Raymond

Stephen Stills, Jeff Pevar, Joe Vitale, Graham Nash, David Crosby
Don't Dig Here jam

David Crosby, backed by James Raymond
Dark Star

Stephen Stills, Jeff Pevar
also on Dark Star

The concert ended with Wooden Ships
David Crosby

The encore started with Woodstock, a classic
Front is Graham Nash and David Crosby, rocking out
Back, David Santos, bass, and James Raymond, keyboards

The band got the whole audience singing along with the last encore song,
Teach Your Children

The band, acknowledging the applause of the crowd at the end of the show.
From left, Stephen Stills, Jeff Pevar, Graham Nash, Mike Finnegan, David Crosby, Joe Vitale, David Santos, James Raymond

Graham Nash, Mike Finnegan, David Crosby, David Santos, Joe Vitale

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