Tiny Barge and the Big Chill
Frankies Too
Falcon, Colorado

Friday, July 25, 2008

Tiny Barge and the Big Chill:
Tiny Barge, band leader, lead vocals, saxophone, trumpet, harmonica, bongos
Randy Phillips, drums
Tim Rall, lead guitar
Andy Salomon, keyboards and vocals
Ron Wesley, bass guitar
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Pictures are from the second and third set of the gig, which was a celebration of the fourth anniversary of Frankies Too. And again we ate a great dinner. (Yes, I'd definitely recommend the food at Frankies Too.)

The set lists included some great tunes, most of which I recognized and some of which I could even put names to (which is quite an accomplishment given my lack of memory for those details.) Tiny Barge and the Big Chill covered a lot of Motown and classic rock and roll musicians, including but not limited to The Righteous Brothers, Chuck Berry, Louis Armstrong, Tommy James, and Bob Seger.

Under The Boardwalk

Tiny and Ron
All Right Now

Tim's hands on the guitar
All Right Now

Tiny, backed by Randy
Brick House


Randy, Tiny, Ron's back, Andy

People were dancing, drinking and having fun

Tiny on the sax
for Ain't No Sunshine (When You're Gone)

Ron playing bass, ditto

Tim on guitar, Tiny on harmonica


Randy, Ron and Andy

Tiny and Ron

Tiny, involving an audience member on Knock On Wood

Tim's guitar solo
Knock On Wood

Tiny Barge
My Girl

A study of Andy's hands on the keyboard

Ron and Andy
Midnight Hour

Randy, Tiny and Andy
Midnight Hour

Tiny Barge, performing
Devil With The Blue Dress

That concludes the pictures I took at Frankies Too on July 25, 2008. It was a very enjoyable show, with excellent musical choices by the band. I was very glad to get the chance to see Tiny Barge and the Big Chill again.

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Partial Setlist:
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Brown Eyed Girl
Unchained Melody
Sugar Pie Honey Bunch
I Feel Good

Under The Boardwalk
All Right Now
Brick House
Honky Tonk Woman
Ain't No Sunshine
Mustang Sally
Good Love
What A Wonderful World
Old Time Rock and Roll

Sea Cruise
Knock On Wood
Twistin' The Night Away
My Girl
Midnight Hour
Devil With The Blue Dress
The Letter
Mony Mony (medley)

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