The Real Deal:

Maureen - vocals
Sugar Bear - vocals
- keyboards
- lead guitar
- bass guitar
- drums
- trumpet
- saxophone

On this warm summer evening, some friends and I ended up at the Back East Bar & Grill. We hadn't seen or heard of the band scheduled for that night - The Real Deal - and couldn't find any information online about them, but decided to trust Megan's musical taste and take a chance.

Not only did we get the delicious dinner that we knew we'd find at the Back East, but we found a really fun new (to us) band that plays great dance/funk music from the 70s and 80s. It was an awesome night, dancing and singing along.

These pictures are from all the sets. Where possible, I've identified the song being played.

keyboardist, guitarist, drummer, Maureen

keyboardist, guitarist, drummer, Maureen



The Real Deal lineup

The Real Deal lineup

keyboardist, guitarist, Maureen, drummer, Sugar Bear, saxophonist

keyboardist, guitarist, Maureen, drummer, Sugar Bear, saxophonist.

guitarist's hands

I do enjoy watching and photographing guitarist's hands. This picture is destined, eventually, for my Magic Fingers Page.

Maureen and Sugar Bear

Maureen and Sugar Bear singing.

band with crowd

The Real Deal had a great rapport with the crowd. Here, they have pulled a couple up on stage to perform some of their choreography with them.

Sugar Bear and the rhythm section

Sugar Bear and the rhythm section.


The keyboardist, intent upon his music.

saxophonist... with bassoon?

The saxophonist.

The Real Deal

Maureen and Sugar Bear.

Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear.

guitarist fancy picking

The guitarist playing, not behind his head, but behind the dancer's back.

Sugar Bear and birthday girl

Sugar Bear singing Happy Birthday to a bar patron.


The bassist, playing jazz-style.


The guitarist ripping up a solo.

The Real Deal

The Real Deal.

Sugar Bear

Sugar Bear.

The Real Deal

The Real Deal.


The drummer, a semi-clear photograph, caught in motion.

Note: I am not good at song titles.
Corrections gladly and gratefully accepted.

First Set:
Can't Get Enough Of Your Love
We Are Family
Give It To Me Baby
Lady Marmalade
You Don't Have To Beg
Walking On Sunshine
Do You Remember
Mustang Sally

Second Set:
Disco Inferno
Le Freak
Good Times
Play That Funky Music White Boy
Hey Mickey
Brick House
Mr Jones
Bad Girls

Third Set:
To Be Real
Get Down Tonight
That's The Way I Like It
Shake Your Booty
Chain of Fools
Get It On
Ain't No Stopping Us Now

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