Images from the Fourth of July at Fort McDowell Casino
Paul Revere and the Raiders
Fountain Hills, Arizona

Sunday, July 4, 2004

On this hot Sunday evening, Paul Revere and the Raiders were appearing at the Fort McDowell Casino in Fountain Hills, Arizona. The concert was free and the crowd was estimated at 16,000.

The Raiders:
Paul Revere, bandleader and keyboards
Omar Martinez, drums and lead vocals
Doug Heath, lead guitar
Ron Foos, bass guitar
Danny Krause, keyboards and vocals
Matt Fasekas, drums
Darrin Medley, lead vocals and drums

Here's a group shot of the Raiders:

Ron, Omar, Darrin, Paul, Danny and Doug

I'll give the setlist as I go along. I think I have photographs from most of the songs.

The show started with Just Like Me.

Ron, during Steppin' Out

Danny playing and singing Steppin' Out

Darrin is not your Steppin' Stone...

Paul asked the crowd about the Raiders' 60's television show. The band played Where the Action Is. The Raiders also performed Good Thing.

Danny adjusting his microphone during the Theme from "Peter Gunn".

Paul "borrowed" Danny's piano to play Like Long Hair.
Doesn't he look pleased with himself? LOL...

The Raiders did a song for the old folks... just to keep the sound techs on their toes!

Darrin and Omar singing Great Airplane Strike, part of the first Raider Medley.

Danny singing lead on Birds of a Feather, part of the first Raider Medley.

Darrin singing Him or Me to close out the first Raider Medley.

Paul explaining that the next song is the Raiders' hit Hungry.

Danny's "hungry for those good things, baby"...so to speak...

The Raiders then performed the second Raider Medley.

This included Ups and Downs as the first song.

Danny and Doug rock out to Mr Sun, Mr Moon.

Darrin and Danny together on Mr Sun, Mr Moon.

The second Raider Medley ended with Let Me.

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