Martini Shot Band
B Street Bash
Pueblo, Colorado

Friday, June 29, 2007

Martini Shot Band:
Andy Clementi, lead vocals/guitar
Brook Mead, bass/vocals
Brian Person, trumpet
Rob Smith, saxophone/keyboards/vocals
Greg Trujillo, drums
Ryan "Sizzle Pizzle" Walter, lead guitar/vocals
yes, we all know who they are, but I need to keep my pages consistent, don't I? ;)

Some friends and I went to the last night of the thirteenth annual B Street Bash on a Friday night to hear the Martini Shot Band play. This was the third time I'd seen the Martini Shot at the B Street Bash and it's always a fun time, with many people and a festive atmosphere.

It was really good to see the band again and their music was as good as ever. It was good food, good music and good company, and of course I took some pictures, though it's always a challenge to get good pictures in uneven lighting.

I did not keep a set list on this evening. There was a good mix of Martini Shot originals and cover tunes, and everyone was having a good time.

Rob, with Greg in the distant background

Andy singing and playing

It always amuses me when he plays air trumpet ;)

Greg, Brian and Rob

as always, it's a challenge to get a good picture of the drummer...

a band lineup, while it was still light
Sizzle Pizzle, Andy, Brook, Brian and Rob
and what did I just say about the drummer? :/



Sizzle Pizzle from stageside

Sizzle Pizzle, Andy and Brook

Brook, Brian and Rob





The band was using a fog machine, which
occasionally made it a challenge to take photos

Sizzle Pizzle


Sizzle Pizzle's hands and guitar

Andy communing with fans

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