Martini Shot Band
Benefit for Noelle Fleming Memorial Scholarship
Southside Johnny's
Colorado Springs, Colorado

Sunday, June 24, 2007

Martini Shot Band:
Andy Clementi, lead vocals/guitar
Brook Mead, bass/vocals
Brian Person, trumpet
Rob Smith, saxophone/keyboards/vocals
Greg Trujillo, drums
Ryan "Sizzle Pizzle" Walter, lead guitar/vocals
yes, we all know who they are, but I need to keep my pages consistent, don't I? ;)

Some friends and I went to Southside Johnny's on a Sunday afternoon to hear the Martini Shot Band play. The band was playing to benefit a Memorial Scholarship to the Colorado Springs Children's Chorale and Mesa Ridge High School in memory of Noelle Fleming.There was a large crowd though I'm not sure if they were all there for the food or the music or the memorial. There was a good selection of Noelle's friends from the Chorale. To raise funds, they were selling raffle tickets, for which local businesses had donated prizes. The prizes were pretty good and the cause was also good.

It was really good to see the band again and their music was as good as ever. It was good food, good music and good company, and I took some pictures too, although the way the stage was located resulted in a backlighting condition that made it tricky to get good shots. I tried out some different camera angles but ended up letting the camera adjust for the backlighting for me in most of the ones that turned out well.

I did not keep a set list on this afternoon. There was a good mix of Martini Shot originals and cover tunes, and everyone was having a good time.


A somewhat different angle on Brook and Brian

Sizzle Pizzle

Brook showing off his bass-playing skills...

... and Sizzle Pizzle replying on the guitar

The band jamming, with Andy Walter sitting in on drums

Andy Walter sitting in on drums

Rob in motion, sts

Andy, Brook, Brian, Rob

Brian and Rob

Andy and Brook

Greg, back at the drums,
framed by Brook and Brian



Sizzle Pizzle, Andy, Brook, Greg in the back, Brian, and Rob

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