Def Leppard:

Rick Allen, drums
Vivian Campbell, guitars and vocals
Phil Collen, guitars and vocals
Joe Elliott, vocals
Rick "Sav" Savage, bass and vocals

The Download Festival at Donington Park in the United Kingdom was generous enough to share some streaming video of some of the musicians that were playing the Festival.

I am probably the only one weird enough to take pictures from a webcast. (Well, I've done it before.) Def Leppard was the headliner and Download only streamed two of their songs, "Action" and "C'mon C'mon". These pictures are from those songs.

Rick Allen

Rick Allen, silhouette view

Vivian Campbell

Vivian Campbell working his guitar magic

Joe Elliott

Joe Elliott working the crowd.
(The best picture I was able to take from the webcast.)

Phil Collen

Phil Collen, into the music.

Phil Collen with Rick Savage in the background

Phil again, backed by Sav.

Joe Elliott

Joe is photogenic.

Vivian Campbell and Rick Savage

Vivian and Sav.

Crowd at Download Festival

The crowd at the Download Festival dancing to Def Leppard.

Taking pictures from a webcast does occasionally have unforeseen side effects...

Vivian, Kelpie, Sav, Joe, Phil unintentional self portraits. :/
(Laptop screen was *way* too reflective, unfortunately.)

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