Images from the Rolling Thunder Concert
Paul Revere and the Raiders
Washington, DC

Sunday, May 30, 2004

On this memorable Sunday afternoon, the Sunday before Memorial Day Monday, Paul Revere and the Raiders were giving a free concert. The concert took place in a field across the street from the Korean War Memorial. Before the concert, Paul Revere, Omar Martinez and Darrin Medley rode in the Rolling Thunder motorcycle ride, from the Pentagon parking lot to the Vietnam Veterans Memorial Wall. Approximately 400,000 motorcycles took part in the Rolling Thunder procession. I'm not a good estimator of crowds, so I don't know how many of those bikers came over to the concert after concluding the Ride to the Wall.

The day was partly cloudy, but less indicative of rain than the 2003 concert, which actually experienced showers at times. The rain held off during the speeches and the concert. The weather was temperate and was not too cold nor too hot, a good concert experience, for an outdoor concert. I'd scoped out the concert location on the previous day, so I did not even get lost getting to the venue.

The speeches were interesting, but of course I was really waiting for the concert. I did manage to get a few pictures at the concert...

The Raiders:
Paul Revere, bandleader and keyboards
Omar Martinez, drums and lead vocals
Doug Heath, lead guitar
Ron Foos, bass guitar
Danny Krause, keyboards and vocals
Matt Fasekas, drums
Darrin Medley, lead vocals and drums

Paul signing an autograph upon arrival at the concert site.

Chris Noel and Paul, before the speeches and the concert.

Darrin singing Just Like Me.

Doug playing on Steppin' Out.

Ron, Darrin and Doug, Steppin' Out.

Ron on Steppin' Stone.

The Raiders also performed Where The Action Is.

Omar drumming and Darrin singing Good Thing.

Omar during Good Thing.

Ron, Omar and Darrin, Great Airplane Strike, part of the first Raider medley.

Birds of a Feather was also part of that medley.

Darrin singing Him or Me, the last song of the first Raider medley.

Darrin on drums, beginning We Gotta Get Out Of This Place.

Omar singing We Gotta Get Out Of This Place, observed by Paul.

Omar, We Gotta Get Out Of This Place.

Doug playing (Don't You) Want Somebody to Love.

Paul, Danny and Doug during For What It's Worth.

Danny singing For What It's Worth.

The Raiders also performed Fortunate Son.
No pictures from that song.

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