Steele Diamond Louis & Hall:

John Michael Steele, vocals, guitar and percussion
Doc Diamond, vocals and bass
Mike Louis, vocals, guitar, percussion and drums
Rikki Dee Hall, vocals, guitar and drums
Rosendo Rodriguez, drums and guitar

On this chilly early spring evening, some friends and I ended up at the Back East Bar & Grill. We were lucky to have made reservations, as the bar was very crowded, and we were looking forward to seeing our old favorites, Steele Diamond Louis and Hall.

We got the delicious dinner that we knew we'd find at the Back East, and saw three great sets of classic rock and roll from the band. It was an awesome night, dancing and singing along.

These pictures are from the last two sets. Where possible, I've identified the song being played.

the crowd dancing

The crowd at the Back East were dancing fools during
No Matter What

the band

Rikki Dee, Rosendo, John Michael, Mike, Doc, also during
No Matter What

Mike and Doc

Mike and Doc

crowd dancing

The crowd dancing to
Mustang Sally.

'drink with the band'

Mike urging the crowd to 'Drink With The Band!'

The following pictures were taken as the band played
Dark Side of the Moon

Rosendo and Mike

Rosendo and Mike.



Rikki Dee and John Michael

Rikki Dee and John Michael.

Rikki Dee drumming

Rikki Dee took over the drums for
Harvest Moon.

Rikki Dee having fun

He was having fun.

Rosendo, Rikki Dee, John Michael

Rosendo on guitar, Rikki Dee on Drums, John Michael, during
Harvest Moon.

Mike and Doc

Mike and Doc,
Harvest Moon.

Doc Diamond

Doc, playing his bass jazz-style,

Rosendo, John Michael, Mike, Rikki Dee, Doc

Rosendo, John Michael, Mike, Rikki Dee, Doc.

ditto the above


Mike pointing

Mike, pointing something (or someone) out.


Mike, Rikki Dee, Rosendo, John Michael, Doc.

Rosendo drum solo

Rosendo performing a drum solo.

Rikki Dee

Rikki Dee concentrating on a lead guitar part.

Midnight Special



Rikki Dee

Rikki Dee.

John Michael, and Mike on drums

John Michael, and Mike on drums.


Mike having fun on the drums.



Rikki Dee, John Michael, Rosendo, Doc

Rikki Dee, John Michael, Rosendo, Doc.

Note: I am not good at song titles.
Corrections gladly and gratefully accepted.

First Set:
Blame It On Midnight
Friend of the Devil
Spit Me Out
Who'll Stop The Rain/Lodi medley
Ventura Highway
My Maria
Lay Down Sally
Rockin' In The Free World

Second Set:
Hotel California
Mary Jane's Last Dance
Some Kind Of Wonderful
No Matter What
Down By The River
Happy Birthday To You
Mustang Sally
Sunspot Baby
Louie Louie/Wild Thing medley

Third Set:
Dark Side Of The Moon
Black Water
Harvest Moon
Midnight Special
Fortunate Son

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