Images from the 20th Annual Exchange Club Chili & Barbeque Cook-off
Paul Revere and the Raiders
Muskogee Civic Assembly Center
Muskogee, Oklahoma

Friday, April 2, 2004

On this Friday evening, Paul Revere and the Raiders were appearing at the Civic Assembly Center in Muskogee, Oklahoma. The event was a charity fundraiser for Muskogee's Exchange Club, raising money for several different charities associated with children.

The Raiders:
Paul Revere, bandleader and keyboards
Omar Martinez, drums and lead vocals
Doug Heath, lead guitar
Ron Foos, bass guitar
Danny Krause, keyboards and vocals
Matt Fasekas, drums
Darrin Medley, lead vocals and drums

I took a picture before the show started, just to reflect on a little past history of the Raiders:

Smitty is not forgotten, not by the Raiders, and not by me.

Here's a group shot of the Raiders:

Ron, Darrin, Omar, Paul, Danny and Doug

Darrin in his first public performance as a full fledged Raider, He looked sharp with all that hardware!

Danny, singing lead on Birds of a Feather, part of the first Raider medley

Paul is going to perform Like Long Hair

"Now we're going to do a song for the old folks..."

Darrin drumming during Fortunate Son/Run Through the Jungle

At this point, I had to stop keeping a set list due to the configuration of the venue. Given a choice between setlist and pictures... I chose pictures.
I can guess at what was being sung during these pictures, but it's only a guess.
If anyone has a setlist from this show, I'd love to have it.. please email it to me at kelpie@kelpierocks.com.

Omar on the congas

Danny, singing and playing

Doug, taking a moment in the spotlight

Darrin, during the second Raider medley

Paul, entertaining as always

Omar drumming

Darrin and Paul

Omar, singing (Get By) With A Little Help From My Friends

Darrin and Matt

Ron on bass

Danny, Darrin and Omar singing the National Anthem
at the end of the show

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