The Last Band On Earth:

Steve Daigle - drums, sound fx and vocals
Rich Horn - guitars, visual fx and vocals
Mike Lascuola - bass, keyboards, sound and vocals

On this crisp almost-spring evening, a friend and I ended up at Cleats Sports Bar and Grill to see TLBOE. We also enjoyed a delicious and inexpensive dinner that fit into our dietary restrictions on this Friday.

These pictures are from the second set. Where possible, I've identified the song being played.

Rich, Steve and Mike

Rich, Steve and Mike
Where The Streets Have No Name

The next two pictures are also during that U2 song.

Mike wandering in the crowd

(It is just a bit startling to look to one's right and see that the bass player has wandered out into the crowd and is seated at the table next to you. Ah, the wonders of wireless technology!)

Mike closeup

(But it gives marvelous opportunities for guitar bass player closeups!)

Rich, Steve and Mike

Rich, Steve and Mike.

Rich's hands on his tiger-striped guitar

I do enjoy watching and photographing guitarist's hands. This picture of Rich is destined, eventually, for my Magic Fingers Page.

The following pictures were taken during the band's
Pink Floyd Tribute/Medley

Rich and Steve

Rich and Steve.


Drummers tend to be obscured by their drumkits, and Steve is no exception. I was finally able to get a good clear photograph of him!

Mike and Rich jamming

Mike and Rich jamming. This is probably my favorite photograph of the evening.


Rich singing and playing at the end of the medley.

Note: I am not good at song titles.
Corrections gladly and gratefully accepted.

First Set:
Working For A Living
The Breakup Song
I Feel For You
Pride And Joy
Stray Cat Strut
Red Sky At Night
American Girl
Please Tell Me Why
Play That Funky Music White Boy

Second Set:
Where The Streets Have No Name
Love and Hate
Can You Take Me Higher
Eveything Will Be Alright
867-5309 (Jenny)
Lighten Up Lucy
Don't Change A Thing
I Don't Want To Fall In Love
Twilight Zone
Rock This Town
What I Like About You
R.O.C.K. in the USA
Sweet Emotion
Pink Floyd Tribute/Medley

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